Easy Artist Drawing Board Optical Image Tracer Designed for Copying and Duplicating Images with Tablets and Smartphones Ideal for Pencil Drawings and Painting

  • Price : 18.99

Now you can duplicate your artwork and copy your favorite images simply and effectively with this simple tracing tool. Perfect for people who work with pencil, pastels, charcoal or paint and want to duplicate, recreate, adapt and modify existing images. Designed for use with digital devices such as smartphones or tablets, the Easy Artist Drawing Board has a specially designed cradle that can hold devices ranging from 7” smartphones to tablets up to around 10” in size. Using a specially designed PMMA lens, this device captures pictures projected from your digital device and mirrors them, allowing you to see beneath so you can trace the image. The angle of the lens means that the duplicated image hovers over your paper making it simple to copy. The Easy Artist Drawing Board offers a simple, yet effective way to project images that are suitable to use for all members of the family, both young and old. This is a great learning tool for children and adults who want to improve their skill levels and requires zero artistic ability. The uses for the Easy Artist Drawing Board are plentiful, making this a must-have for every artist out there. If you’re an animator, this device is ideal and will allow you to adapt images frame by frame. If you create work for sale, you can quickly recreate your existing image – giving your customers a perfect hand-drawn picture they will love. Or, you might want to create a series of images based around a theme, using different colors each time. To use, simply download the free app or use your favorite image editing tool. You can even trace black and white images and color them in using the tool for a fantastic digital image. Made from compact and lightweight ABS plastic with a durable PMMA lens, you can take the Easy Artist Drawing Board anywhere. This device measures approximately 20 * 13.5 * 0.2cm/7.9 * 5.3 * 0.08in

  • Duplicate your favourite artwork quickly and easily
  • So simple and safe anyone can use it regardless of artistic ability
  • Works with a wide variety of smart phones and tablets
  • Comes with a free downloadable editing app
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to take anywhere