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Small Portable Treadmills

Small portable treadmills make sense for many people in tight living spaces. Portability in this case doesn’t necessarily mean moving it from one building to another, although these smaller treadmills make that task easier if you desire. What it does reference though is a model that’s smaller, lighter and foldable so you can easily move it out of the way and store it when you’re done using it. The other advantage of a smaller treadmill is that the price point is much less than larger units. However, this also usually means that the number of options available are less....

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Cycling Trainers Comparison

This cycling trainers comparison will show you some of the best cycling trainers available on the market today. There are many styles and price ranges to choose from. Nothing can replace the benefit from cycling outdoors, but sometimes that just isn’t possible due to weather conditions or location. A cycling trainer can be used at home or some are even compact enough to take with you when you travel. Check these trainers out and compare which one might be right for you. #1 Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1509 Belt Drive Premium Indoor Cycling BikeĀ  #2 Fluid resistance cycle trainer....

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