Tall Fish Aquariums

If you’re looking for tall fish aquariums there’s a couple of things you should consider.  A tall aquarium, otherwise known as a column tank, is one of the more popular fish tank styles today. That’s not surprising because they take up less space since they’re vertical instead of horizontal.  Column aquariums really stand out in your home or office because they’re not the typical wide tank that you’re probably used to seeing.

Is a Tall Tank Right For You?

If you’re looking for an awesome hobby, an easy to care for pet, and something to add to your home’s decor, owning a fish tank is perfect!  A column fish tank is also great if you are limited on floor space to showcase your tank.  They will fit perfectly into a corner.  That’s where I have mine setup, by the dining table.  It fills the corner up beautifully and provides a live and dynamic world just a few feet away.  However, one point many new aquarists overlook is whether or not a column fish tank is actually the best design for the type of fish you plan to keep.

Some fish are vertical swimmers and some are horizontal swimmers.  Basically, vertical swimmers like to swim up and down the height of the tank whereas horizontal swimmers prefer swimming from side-to-side.  You want to replicate the environment that your fish naturally live in when planning your new tank setup.  It also makes your fish happy when they’re able to swim in an environment that closely resembles their natural habitat.

Angel fish are a good example of a vertical swimmer and Zebra Danios are more of a horizontal swimmer.  The last thing you want is to have a side-to-side swimmer running out of room in a tall, vertical tank.  You and your fish will be more happy if a little bit of thought goes into the planning of your tank beforehand.   If so, tall fish aquariums are an excellent choice.




15 Gallon Tall Aquarium

My personal favorite column style fish tank is the 15 gallon tall aquarium.  I really do love this tank and it looks great in my home.  The picture to the right shows my current setup.  Since it sits in the corner of the room, it’s not in the way and dresses up the area, especially at night when the room lights are off and the tank light is illuminated.  I can sit there and watch for hours.  It’s so peaceful, almost therapeutic.

What’s In The Tank?

I have three marbled Angel fish, five Neon Tetras, and one Bristle-Nosed Pleco.  You really don’t want to exceed more than one 1″ inch fish per gallon of capacity.  So for a 15 gallon tank, 15 fish would be your limit.  I prefer to stay below this number just to give a little extra room for your fishy friends.  They will be much healthier as a result.

I have three varieties of Anubias aqua plants.  I enjoy this type of plant because they don’t require a lot of light.  You can grow these plants very easily, even as a beginner.  I always prefer live plants, but sometimes artificial plants can provide a highlight to the tank.  For my substrate, I’m using a special material that is an absolute must if you want a natural looking tank that will promote vibrant plant growth.  Read on to find out more about what this special product is.

In the tank is also a nice piece of natural driftwood.  My bottom-feeding pleco loves to play around the driftwood and even makes an occasional snack out of it.  The water looks tea colored because of the natural tanins in the wood.  This gives the tank a natural look and also helps to soften the water, which tropical fish prefer over hard water.  If you don’t prefer the tea colored look, you can soak your driftwood in a bucket of water for several days, changing the water frequently.  You can also boil the tanins out if you prefer not to wait for the manual soaking method.




Aqueon 15 Gallon Fish Tank

My setup pictured above is the Aqueon 15 Gallon Fish Tank.  I’ve owned many fish tanks, but this is my first tall tank and it won’t be my last either.  I highly recommend this style aquarium and I’ve been very satisfied with the model by Aqueon.  The tank and stand are separate, but are designed for one another so the fit and finish is perfect.

What Comes With the Deluxe Tank Kit?

  • All glass deluxe black aquarium
  • Hood with fluorescent light bulb included and easy feeding door
  • Hanging quite flow external filter with media cartridge
  • Water conditioner
  • Premium fish flake food
  • Fish Net
  • Setup and care guide
  • Dimensions:  13.6″L x 13.8″W x 24.8″H
  • *Note – Stand not included – see below for more info about the stand
  • See below for the Flourite substrate for incredible plant growth (not included in the kit)


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Tall Artificial Aquarium Plants

I always recommend live plants over artificial aquarium plants.  Not only do live plants help oxygenate the water, but they just make the tank much more natural the way they look and move.  However, if you aren’t ready to make the move to live plants or just prefer the ease of artificial plants, there are certainly tall artificial aquarium plants that will help fill up all that height in your vertical fish tank.  Click the plant image above to view some examples.  That particular one is 20″ tall.