TV Stand 65 Inch

Today’s TV stands come in a variety of shapes, colors, styles and sizes. More so than at any other point in the existence of the TV. There has never been such a wide variety of sizes to choose from. This most definitely is a good thing for consumers. To go along with a wide range of screen sizes is the consideration for how you will place your flat screen unit. Your common choices are wall mounted or placed upon a stand. In this case, a TV stand 65 inch capacity is what we’re focusing on here. Some stylish options are shown below.

The days of having a big tube television that itself was like a piece of furniture, are long gone. Those outdated units were so heavy that they had to sit on the floor. As TVs evolved it was commonplace to see a set inside of a large wall unit, also called an entertainment center. The television was rarely the focal point of these behemoth pieces of furniture. You often had cabinets, shelving and display cases incorporated into them. The flat panel TVs of today are certainly the center of the room. How could they not be considering that units of 65, 75 and 85 inches are common.

As TVs have increased in size, the TV stand has gotten smaller. Now a TV stand 65 inches normally will have a few drawers, possibly a cabinet and some open air cubbies for your other components. Today’s stands are easy to setup or have pre-built and delivered directly to your home.

Besides placing the TV on top of the stand, you have the option to wall mount the television. This has a nice modern look to it, but involves the purchase of a mounting bracket. There are also mounting considerations that need to be addressed to ensure your that TV is mounted securely on the wall. Another option is mounting the flat screen to a bracket that comes with the stand and is attached to it instead of the wall.

Just like the numerous options available out there for TVs, you’ll find as many choices in television stands as well. Whether you’re looking for a 65 inch capacity or or 32 inch, hopefully you’re able to settle on one that fits your preference and budget.

Innovex Oxford TV Stand 65-Inch
Innovex Oxford TV Stand 65-Inch Black

Size: 65 W x 18.3 L x 20.9 H inches