doggie treadmills for sale

More good stuff for you guys, except this one is for your dog. Dog treadmills for sale. Since we’re all about stuff here, why not share some of that with your four-legged best friend? Dog treadmills may seem funny at first, but we can’t forget that your pets need exercise as much as we do. Is that 15 minute walk in the morning and evening really enough? Likely not. To supplement, a dog treadmill is a good idea when you don’t have the time or ability to walk them outdoors. This is perfect for dog lovers who live in an apartment or condo with no yard to allow your pet to stretch out his legs. Also perfect if you live in the city and don’t have many parks nearby to run off some of that built up energy.

This particular model shown is for small to medium dogs up to 55 lbs. There is a larger model for big dogs up to 179 lbs. You can see that one here.Dog treadmill for sale - dogPACER Treadmill
dogPACER Doggie Treadmill – For small/medium dogs to 55 lbs. See above link for larger dogs.